Labour: Margaret Hodge offers a slim glimmer of hope?

Margaret Hodge has put forward an idea that may offer a very small glimmer of hope for Labour moderates.

She has suggested, as I understand it, that the PLP should hold “Primaries” for the leadership and then back one candidate in the upcoming leadership election. The assumption is that will be either Angela Eagle or Owen Smith who would go forward against Jeremy Corbyn.

It would also have the added advantage of showing just how little support Jeremy Corbyn has in the PLP now – probably less than the 40 he got in the vote of confidence.

This could be taken further – the PLP could declare their nominee the acting Leader of the PLP. S/he could appoint a new Shadow Cabinet and take status of the Official Opposition, as Jo Haines and others suggested.

The PLP could then go as a united Leader and Shadow Cabinet to the membership. And in the meantime it would control the despatch box and Parliamentary resources – it would seize the ‘commanding heights’ in the media.

Could it happen? Personally I doubt it – the PLP is too disorganised and disunited. But desperate times demand desperate measures, and after the past few weeks I’d rule nothing out.

The coronation of Theresa May and her open parking of her tanks on Labour’s lawn might just concentrate minds. But I am not holding my breath.

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