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Thinking for Government?
with Carole Talbot
Public Finance September 2019

Can Parliament Stop a No Deal Brexit?
Discussion on LBC with Ayesha Hazarika
9 August 2019

Assume that Johnson is set on no deal—how do MPs stop him?
Prospect 1 August 2019

Can Johnson survive his first weeks in No.10? 1 July 2019

The Tyranny of Innovation?
Centre for Business Research (Cambridge) 30 May 2019

Brexit is likely to tear the countries of the UK asunder
with Carole Talbot
Public Finance 29 March 2019

Brexit, parliament and the four-body problem
Prospect 10 January 2019

Corbyn’s democratic deficit: Will the Labour leader stick to democratic norms? 8 January 2019

Labour’s no-confidence gambit: What happens if they trigger a challenge? 17 December 2018

A successor to Theresa May might not automatically become PM 12 December 2018

The Great Brexit Crisis: we are in for an unprecedented shake up of the UK constitution, laws, conventions, and politics
LSE Brexit 5 December 2018 (Also re-blogged on UK in a Changing Europe and Democratic Audit)

The most likely Brexit outcome is Norway
Prospect 5 December 2018

Knowledge is power: how does government know what it owns – and how does it affect policy?
Civil Service World 4 December 2017

Winter is coming: but could Theresa May really call—and win—a December election?

Progress 15 October 2018

The Conservative Party must adapt or die
Prospect 1 October 2018

Labour conference and the Brexit dark arts
Prospect 24 September 2018

Calm down, a snap election remains only the faintest possibility
Prospect 24 July 2018

Exiting the EU: Shaking the Ground (with Carole Talbot)
Public Finance 13 June 2018

No one has noticed this important provision in the Fixed-term Parliaments Act
Prospect 31 May 2018

Why we should beware the ‘AI High’
Centre for Public Impact 25 April 2018

Matters of confidence: How prime ministers lost one of the biggest weapons in their parliamentary arsenal
Prospect 23 April 2018

No.10’s threat of a no-confidence vote on the customs union is constitutional nonsense 23 April 2018

How Brexit could break Whitehall
The Times 19 April 2018

Is Brexit Leading to the recentralisation of Whitehall?

(with Carole Talbot)
Civil Service World 20 March 2018

Brexit and the business of government (with Carole Talbot)

Stumbling towards the exit: Report paints grim picture of Whitehall chaos over Brexit 7 February 2018

Risks of the tender trap
The New European 30 January 2018

Productivity: Everything you need to know about the problem strangling the economy 27 November 2017

A McCarthyite witchhunt against Remainer academics 25 October 2017

Race, class, gender: New figures reveal reality of parliament 3 October 2017

Spinning the numbers: How politicians pull the wool over your eyes 21 September 2017

What might post-Brexit public services look like?
Public Finance 22 May 2017




Since 1995 I have published over 100 articles in newspapers and practitioner magazines, including: Financial Times (UK); PA Times (USA); Prison Service Journal (UK); Public Finance (UK); Public Service (UK); Public Servant (UK); The Guardian (UK); The Times (UK)

I have made regular media appearances including: BBC TV: Newsnight; Ten O’Clock News; News 24; Sunday Politics (NW); Wales TV News. BBC Radio: Today ; PM; World at One; More or Less; Radio 5 Live; Radio Wales; plus Sky News; Channel Four News; HTV News; etc

I have been frequently quoted in The Economist; The Guardian; The Financial Times; The Daily Telegraph; and The Times and a number of media in Denmark, France, Spain, Japan, China, etc.

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