My Research

I’ll be putting up some details of major research projects here in due course, but first here’s some of the research reports I’ve done.

Some Research Reports

Talbot, CR and Talbot, CL (2011) Cuts in the City: Manchester 2011 (report for the BBC R4 PM programme), Manchester Business School, Manchester. Cuts-in-the-City [link]

Talbot, C (2010) Performance in Government: The Evolving System of Performance and Evaluation Measurement, Monitoring, and Management in the United Kingdom, The World Bank, ECD Working Paper Series No. 24, Washington DC.

Talbot, C (2008) Measuring Public Value, The Work Foundation, London.

Talbot, C; Johnson, C and Wiggan, J (2005) Exploring Performance Regimes – a new approach to understanding public sector performance, Nottingham Policy Papers No. 3. Report for the National Audit Office. ISBN: 0-85358-188 6.

Talbot, C; Johnson, C and Wiggan, J (2005) Comparing Performance Regimes – Wales and Westminster Since Devolution, Nottingham Policy Papers No. 5. Report for the Wales Audit Office. ISBN: 0-85358 187 8.

Talbot, C & Johnson, C (2005) Scoring Performance: a comparative case study of implementation of ‘balanced scorecards’ in UK public services. Nottingham Policy Papers No. 4. Report for the Scorecard Consortium. ISBN: 0 85358 189 4

Talbot, C and Wiggan, J (2005) Customer Service Performance and Delivery: A Qualitative Review, Research Report Jobcentre Plus, Department for Work and Pensions.

Wiggan, J and Talbot, C (2005) Take-up of Entitlements and Pensioner Poverty: A Review of the Literature, Report for the National Audit Office, Nottingham Policy Papers, No. 2, Nottingham Policy Centre, University of Nottingham, ISBN: 0 415 31448 8.

Talbot, C, Johnson, C et al. (2004) Is Devolution Creating Diversity in Education and Health? Report for the BBC ‘World This Weekend’, Nottingham Policy Papers No. 1, Nottingham Policy Centre, University of Nottingham, ISBN: 0-85358-186X.

Talbot, C (Ed) (2002) Hard Agencies in Soft States? – Reflecting on Agency Creation in Tanzania, Jamaica, and Latvia, Department for International Development/University of Glamorgan, ISBN: 1-84-054052-4.

Talbot, C (2002) So Who Needs Agencies? Department for International Development/University of Glamorgan, ISBN: 1-840540-53-2.

Talbot, C (2001) Country Report: Britain, in O’Toole (Ed) Financial Management and Control of Public Agencies, SIGMA Papers No. 32, PHARE-OECD SIGMA, Paris. OECD JT00105997.

Talbot, C (1996) Realising Probation Service Objectives, Home Office Probation Training Section/Association of Chief Officers of Probation, Home Office, London.

Talbot, C (1996) Ministers and Agencies – Control, Performance and Accountability, CIPFA, London, ISBN: 0-852997-46-9.

Talbot, C; Huish, J and McGrory, M (1996) Civil Service Documents and Human Resource Strategies – A Preliminary Analysis, Cabinet Office (OPS) Consortium Project Research Report No. 1 (Not Publicly Available).

Talbot, C; Bell, D & Wilson, D (1995) A Strategic Approach to People Management, Cabinet Office (OPSS), London.

Talbot, C; Daunton, L & McAlpine, M (1995) Munro Clinic – Users’ Views of Services, CPSM, South Bank University.

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