The Audit Commission – chronicle of a death unforetold

Britain has one of the least corrupt public services in the world. Mistakes, yes they happen. Inefficiencies, certainly – what large complex organisations don’t have a constant battle with becoming overweight? But public servants pocketing public funds, or demanding bribes to do their jobs, is mercifully a very rare occurrence, now.
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Monster Cuts versus Alien Reforms

All pretence that the Coalition government is merely trying to sort out the country’s public finances is long gone. It is a Liberal Conservative government, in the 19th century sense of wanting a small,  liberal, state with the minimum of compassion for the ‘deserving poor’ and as little socialized provision as possible. It is setting out to achieve what Thatcher tried and only half succeeded in – reversing much of the great liberal-social democratic reforms of the 20th century. Continue reading “Monster Cuts versus Alien Reforms”