Sojourn at the Heartbreak Hotel

‘Whitehall Watch’ might be a bit sporadic over the next month or so – two weeks ago I had a heart attack. I’m recovering well and the prognosis is good, but it’ll be a while before I’m back to full functioning.

Meanwhile, “never waste a good crisis” as someone said (it’s alright, I know who) – so I thought I’d record my experience – for good and ill – of the wonderful British NHS.

And it really is wonderful, imperfect, but wonderful. Continue reading “Sojourn at the Heartbreak Hotel”

Noble and Ignoble Prizes for Economics

Just in case you have missed this:

The Real-World Economics Review Blog is holding polls to determine the awarding of two prizes:

The Ignoble Prize for Economics , to be awarded to the three economists who contributed most to enabling the Global Financial Collapse (GFC), and

The Noble Prize for Economics , to be awarded to the three economists who first and most cogently warned of the coming calamity. Continue reading “Noble and Ignoble Prizes for Economics”

Is the Future Scary?

We took my 5 year-old son to see a ‘Horrid Henry’ show after Christmas. At one point in the production Horrid Henry is trying to convince his little brother Peter Perfect that he’s been to the future. “What’s the future like?” asks Peter. As Henry appears stumped for an answer, my son shouts out “scary” and gets one of the best laughs of the show. (I’m not sure whether to be proud or hide under the seat). Continue reading “Is the Future Scary?”