Whatever Happened to “Producer Capture”?

Last week’s story in the UK that the Conservatives were now in favour of setting up “workers co-ops” to run public services (really!) was the culmination of a fascinating trend over recent years towards policy-makers favouring the ‘empowerment’ of public sector professionals. Both the New Labour Government and Tory opposition have been touting ideas about removing the terror of targets and central controls and freeing frontline workers to innovative and improve public services. Continue reading “Whatever Happened to “Producer Capture”?”

Satire lives……

The great British sense of humour lives on. Some genius in Conservative central office clearly didn’t recognise the satire potential of the Tories recent poster campaign. MyDavidCameron.com was quickly set up and has spawned hundreds of often hilarious spoofs on the original. As you can see, being off sick has given me far too much time to indulge myself…. so here’s my feeble contribution (you can also find it on the mydavidcameron website and vote for it..)

I’m sure it’ll be Labour’s turn next…. (in the interest of political balance).