Whitehall: What a Performance

In a couple of weeks I’m attending a (private) seminar on Lessons from the History of Whitehall Performance Measurement Systems.

I have fairly well developed views of my own on this already, but I’d be very interested to get any input from colleagues, especially those with “insider knowledge” of how these things have worked and evolved. Continue reading “Whitehall: What a Performance”

MBS Doctoral Funding Opportunities – September 2013 entry

Please see below for details of available funding for PhDs starting 2013.

If anyone is interested in applying to research in the areas of public sector performance, civil service reform, general public management, etc I would be willing to consider supporting an application and being named as a potential supervisor. But please note these schemes are highly competitive. Continue reading “MBS Doctoral Funding Opportunities – September 2013 entry”

Police and Crime Commissioners: A Muddled Policy Shambolically Implemented.

I appeared briefly on BBC TV nationally and in the NW after the PCC election farce and made some remarks I thought it might be worth just expanding on a little.

There were two issues about these elections: were they a good idea in the first place? And were they badly implemented? Continue reading “Police and Crime Commissioners: A Muddled Policy Shambolically Implemented.”

Why Health and Education get more expensive and Computers don’t.

What do health care, education, symphony orchestras and hairdressing all have in common? They all seem to get remorselessly more costly to produce. A new book – The Cost Disease by William Baumol and others – sets out to explain why. Continue reading “Why Health and Education get more expensive and Computers don’t.”

Good Government – a Mid-Term Review (Event)

The Institute for Government is pleased to bring to your attention the following event hosted by the Better Government Initiative.

Good Government – a Mid-Term Review An event to mark the launch of a new report

Wednesday 14th November 2012, 18:00 – 19:30 Continue reading “Good Government – a Mid-Term Review (Event)”