There Will Be Blood – But We’re Not Sure How Much Or When

A couple of days ago we asked the Phi100 Panel of Westminster ‘insiders’, which includes, leading politicians, policy, and media figures, about realistic targets for reducing the UK’s burgeoning public debt. Continue reading “There Will Be Blood – But We’re Not Sure How Much Or When”

Hacked Off – The Met and the Tories

The latest scandal to hit British politics is the widespread alleged wire(less) tapping of phones by News International (Rupert Murdoch’s) News of the World (NoW).

The political dimension is focused on the Tories – their Communication supremo Andy Coulson is the former Editor of the NoW who resigned over – the same allegations. Continue reading “Hacked Off – The Met and the Tories”

Transparency? Let’s start with spending

[Feature in Public Servant]

Just how transparent and open can our political parties claim to be when they have yet to come clean about their tax and spend proposals? Colin Talbot argues for some honest answers before an election

Transparency seems to be the current “in” word in British politics. And yet we could be heading for a general election in which the two main parties are going to be the most opaque about the crucial issues of “tax and spend” that they have been for decades. READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE

Rights and Responsibilities: the law and education

Today it has been announced that Harrow Council (London) has dropped a Court case being brought against a mother who tried to get her child into a popular school by allegedly falsifying information (she claimed to be living at her mother’s which was in the School catchment area, rather than her family home, which wasn’t). The Council has called on the Government to amend the Fraud Act to allow such prosecutions. Continue reading “Rights and Responsibilities: the law and education”