My Books

This page will contain details of all my books and book chapters


Colin Talbot (2010) Theories of Performance – Organizational and Service Improvement in the Public Domain, Oxford University Press.

Colin Talbot & Matt Baker (Eds) (2007) The Alternative Comprehensive Spending Review, Manchester University Press, Manchester, ISBN: 978-0-7190-7807-1

Colin Talbot (2005) The Paradoxical Primate, Academic Imprint, Exeter, ISBN: 0-90784-85-1.

Christopher Pollitt & Colin Talbot et al (2004) Agencies: How Governments do things through quasi-autonomous bodies, Palgrave, Hampshire, ISBN: 1-4039-3322-7.

Christopher Pollitt & Colin Talbot (Eds) (2004) Unbundled Government – A critical analysis of the global trend to agencies, quangos and contractualisation, Routledge, London, ISBN: 0-415-31448-8.

Talbot, C (1994) Reinventing Public Management, Institute of Management, London, ISBN: 0-85946-239-0.


Talbot, Carole L and Talbot, Colin R (2013) Structuring for Boundary Crossing – examples from the UK, in Crossing Boundaries in Public Management and Policy – The International Experience, Edited by Janine O’Flynn, Deborah Blackman, John Halligan, Routledge.

Talbot, Colin R and Talbot, Carole L (2011) Local government strategies in an age of austerity, in Redefining Local Government, Claudio Maorales Oyarce (Ed.), PMPA, London.

Talbot, C. (2010). Conclusions: A Puzzle, Three Pieces, Many Theories and a Problem. In Connecting Knowledge and Performance in Public Services: From Knowing to Doing. K. Walshe, G. Harvey and P. Jas. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Colin Talbot (2010) Leadership in the British Civil Service, in Steve Brookes and Keith Grint (Eds) The Public Leadership Challenge; Palgrave-Macmillan.

Johnson, C and Talbot, C (2008) UK Parliamentary Scrutiny of PSAs: a challenge too far?, in Van Dooren and Van de Walle (eds) Utilizing public sector performance information; Palgrave-Macmillan/EGPA.

Talbot, C (2008) Competing Public Values and Performance, in KPMG (Eds) Holy Grail or Achievable Quest? – International Perspectives on Public Sector Performance Management, Toronto, ISBN 1-55061-098-8

Talbot, C (2005) Performance Management, in Ferlie, Lynn & Pollitt (Eds) Oxford Handbook of Public Management, Oxford University Press, ISBN: 0-199-259-771.

Talbot, C (2000). La gestion des services publics au Royaume-Uni (1979-2000): evolution ou revolution? Le Service Public En Devenir, L. Rouban (Ed). Paris L’Harmattan, ISBN: 2-7384-9737-3.

Talbot, C (1997) Civil Service Reforms, in Jackson, P & Lavender, M (Eds) The Public Services Yearbook 1997, Pitman, London, ISBN: 0-273-62766-X.

Talbot, C (1996) Devolving from the Centre: The UK Experience, in Boyle, R & McNamara, T (Eds) From Intent to Action – The Management of Strategic Issues in the Public Sector, Institute of Public Administration, Dublin, ISBN: 1-87200-2587.

Talbot, C (1996) Civil Service Reforms, in Jackson, P & Lavender, M (Eds) The Public Services Yearbook 1996, Pitman, London, ISBN: 0-273-62357-5.

Talbot, C (1995) Central Government Reforms, in Jackson, P & Lavender, M (Eds) The Public Services Yearbook 1995, Chapman & Hall, London, ISBN: 0-412-62730-2.

Harrow, J & Talbot, C (1994) Central Government: The Changing Civil Service, in Jackson, P & Lavender, M (Eds) The Public Services Yearbook 1994, Chapman & Hall, London, ISBN: 0-412-58910-9.

Talbot, C & Harrow, J (1993) The Citizen’s Charter, in Trinder, C & Jackson, P (Eds) The Public Services Yearbook 1993, Chapman & Hall, London, ISBN: 0-412-54460-1.

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