The Man with the High Castle

This site is mainly about Government. How big (or small) it is or should be, what it does, how it does it and why it does it – and if it creates or destroys value (spoiler – sometimes both).

I have renamed it STATECRAFT – improving government.


What I’ve been doing for the past 3+ decades is constructively criticising Government, and public services, to try and help improve them.

But I have come to realise that many meso (middle) and micro level reforms are not enough.

It also includes some broader politics issues I’ve been involved with in my 50+ years of political engagement (I went on my first CND demo in November 1967).

I chose Dover Castle as an image because it embodies ‘Government’ from Norman times right up to it being a ‘Regional Seat of Government’ in the event of a nuclear attack in the Cold War period. And because I grew up in Dover under its shadow in that period (1952-65). Maybe that started my lifelong interest in Government – who knows?

This site is also a record of some of my other activities and history (mainly as a repository for myself, family and friends).

I was until 2017 Professor of Government in Department of Politics, School of
Social Sciences, University of Manchester .
 I am now retired from Manchester but remain an Emeritus (life-long) Professor there.

I’m now also a Fellow (Visiting) at the Judge School of Business, University of Cambridge. And a Senior Research Fellow at The Federal Trust.

All views expressed on this blog are purely my own, unless written by, or nicked from, other people.

Email: colin.talbot@manchester.ac.uk

Twitter: @colinrtalbot

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