Tongue out of cheek (or 18 hours in A&E)

imageI am currently in the ENT Dept at Wythenshawe, having spent the night in A@E. (That photo is from last night, about 12:00, its returned to normal now).

I had a recurrence of my mysterious massive tongue swelling episode, which I had about 3 months ago, last night.

After big dose of intravenous piriton and steroids it has subsided back to normal over night. They still have no idea what is triggering it so expecting more tests etc but as outpatient. But must emphasise the medical treatment was excellent and quick – its what happens next when things get “interesting”.

*Bed juggling* seems to be the new NHS sport. There were no spare beds anywhere in the Hospital. On a Sunday night. Clearly it wasn’t the absence if junior doctors – plenty of them around. Just noweher to put patients.

I got seen by ENT Doc in A&E,mwhich appropriate for my condition, but I was put into a “bed” rather than a trolley, still in A&E. ENT had no beds, but was in one and been seen by an ENT Doc and was therefore “admitted”.

I was being kept in overnight for observation and would be discharged in the morning. Then no-one from ENT, which is on the other side of the very big Hospital, wanted to come and see me and they didn’t want me cos they had no beds.

So approx 10:00 hours actually stranded in A&E but technically in ENT.

Now sitting in someone else’s room (think he’s gone for an op) waiting to be discharged. Its 1:30pm and I’m still here.

Mr Hunt please note – this is the real NHS on your watch. 24/7 but without the resources to manage it.


Postscript: It was 15:30 before I finally got signed out. Still no diagnosis and so no treatment until I get recalled. The Registrar has ahunch which of the many drugs I have to take might be causing it,mbut that’s all for now. The time spent in hosipital from about 9:00am until 15:30pm was not medicslly necessary – just an organizational failure in an overloaded system. I guess I was lucky it was just wasting time.


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