Black Like Me (Flash SciFi – stories in 150 words or less)

She stared into the mirror, shocked. She’d turned black! Locked in her room for with a horrible fever, curtains drawn and lights off because her eyes hurt, she hadn’t seen herself for 48 hours. It had never occurred to her that her sickness was the so-called ’BLM Virus’. She thought it was ’flu!
Unleashed by an AQ-Nation of Islam fusion group, it was a retrovirus that rewrote part of the victims gene sequence, changing their skin colour, permanently. She’d had a briefing. She sobbed quietly to herself, ”God help me”. He wasn’t listening.
It wasn’t the change, she told herself, she could cope with that, she hoped. She was a good Catholic and really not a racist, despite her politics. But the virus was supposed to be an STD. ”Converting the white Devils through their own sins” said their website. How was the country’s most famous virgin going to explain that?

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