IPPR report on Minister:Mandarin relations is out – and open for comment here on WhitehallWatch

The Cabinet Office today published the IPPR Report on how senior civil servants are held to account, and their relationship to Ministers, from several other countries – with recommendations for change in the UK. You can also read IPPR Director Nick Pearce’s piece in today’s Times. (And if you want a rather different ‘take’ try this – Dominic Raab, Tory MP, in the Telegraph).

I’ll be making my own comments here shortly, but in the meantime I’m interested in comments from UK experts – civil servants, experts or politicians – the the proposals for changes here.

And I’m also interested to see if any of our international readers have comments on the Report’s ‘take’ on arrangements elsewhere.

If you want to comment anonymously (e.g. you are a UK civil servant) you can always email me and I’ll post for you – colin.talbot@manchester.ac.uk


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