David Cameron’s iPad “Dashboard” App

As someone who’s been writing and working with performance measures and dashboards for longer than I care to remember, I found this post on ‘False Economy’ (link below) just so funny I had to reproduce it….


A preview of our new iPad app: Cameron’s Dashboard

Earlier this year it was reported that David Cameron had commissioned a£20,000 ‘dashboard’ app for his iPad, to give him the data he needs to run the country. He needn’t have bothered: we’ve designed one for him. Click the image or see below to find out more about each feature.

Cameron's Dashboard

Cameron’s Dashboard features:
  • Emergency Food Parcels
    Britain’s foodbanks supplied emergency food parcels to 128,697 people in 2011/12, compared with 61,468 the previous year – an increase of 109%.
    Source: Trussell Trust
  • Homelessness
    In 2011/12, 50,290 households in England were accepted as homeless and in ‘priority need’, compared with 44,160 the previous year – a 14% increase. More than twice that number applied for homelessness assistance.
    Source: Crisis
  • GDP
    The last quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012 saw Britain experiencing negative growth. This dismal performance meant the UK was formally in a double-dip recession.
    Source: Financial Times
  • Annual Pay Rises
    Last year, FTSE 100 chief executives enjoyed average pay rises of 12%, while their employees received below-inflation increases of 1%. More than a quarter of FTSE 100 bosses received pay rises greater than 41%.
    Source: Guardian
  • Job Seekers Per Vacancy
    There are currently almost six people chasing every vacancy, compared with two before the recession. The government says it will force people into work, but there simply aren’t enough jobs.
    Source: TUC
  • Angry Birds
    The Prime MInister’s favourite iPad game. He has completed all the levels.
    Source: Telegraph

This is still a prototype – and so we welcome your suggestions in the comments below of other facts and figures we could include to help the Prime Minister focus on the state of the nation.

One thought on “David Cameron’s iPad “Dashboard” App

  1. You cannot influence someone who is so divorced from reality. Usually such people are institutionalised. Unfortunately we are now living in the asylum. God help us.

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