Universal Credit Faces IT Problems – it’s official

Back in November 2010, and again in January 2011, I made said that the Universal Credit reforms had insanely tight timescales for implementation, especially given the scale and complexity of the IT developments necessary to make it work – you can read the original posts here: Welfare Reform: It’s the Implementation, Stupid and Great Train Wreck of 2013. And so it comes to pass.

In today’s Observer Daniel Boffey reports that an internal DWP report has cast doubts on their ability to deliver the IT systems needed for Universal Credit in time for the launch in 2013. Potential suppliers have said the timescales involved are unrealistic, especially given the number of stakeholders involved and the necessary link to HMRCs PAYE system and it’s upgrade to ‘real time’ working. What a surprise. How long before we hear the screeching of brakes from DWP and IDS and yet another Government promise evaporates in a cloud of hubris?



2 thoughts on “Universal Credit Faces IT Problems – it’s official

  1. It’s no surprise that political rhetoric cannot be implemented in 2 years. Local authorities must be part of the delivery process – and that will not be quick.

  2. And this is before the bane of all goverment IT projects – Ministers’ inability to resist making changes to the requirement, either to rectify unimplementable aspirations, bow to outside pressures, or just make their own mark.

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