UK survey of political scientists on successful policy

From the Financial Times

Minimum wage rated top policy, say academics

By Nicholas Timmins, Public Policy Editor

Published: May 1 2011

What is the most successful policy of the past 30 years? Ask a bunch of political academics and their answer – perhaps surprisingly – is the minimum wage, followed by devolution, privatisation and the Northern Ireland peace process.

The coalition government could learn some useful lessons from the findings, says Andrew Adonis, director of the Institute for Government which, with the Political Studies Association, polled 150 of the latter’s members for their verdict.

But the answer, according to Colin Talbot, professor of public policy at Manchester Business School, might have been rather different if management or policy specialists had been asked the question.   To continue reading go to FT website (£)

2 thoughts on “UK survey of political scientists on successful policy

  1. If the minimum wage is such a good idea, why not make it £10 or even £15 per hour?

    That would make a lot of people better off wouldn’t it?


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