Whitehall Watchers – email and meetings

I have had lots of people interested in helping to expand Whitehall Watch, so I have set up an email list to enable us to stay in contact more easily.

This is a “closed” list to prevent spamming, so if you want to join can you go to the web-address below and apply, and at the same time send me a brief email setting out who you are and what your interest in WW is? Sorry if this is a bit cumbersome.

I am organising a series events at my ‘day job’ venue – Manchester Business School. These are small, very informal, lunch-time gatherings to discuss the fast changing policy scene. Anyone who can make it is welcome.

With the Budget approaching later in March and the recent poor GDP figures, there is bound to be much debate about what the Government will come up with. Will they stick to implementing the plans set out in last Octobers Spending Review, will there be a “Plan B” or even a “Plan A 2.0”?

I will kick off a discussion about this at the next meeting of ‘Whitehall Watchers’ on Tues 1 March in room 4.02 Harold Hankins building – bring your own lunch and opinions!

Can you drop me an email if you are coming, just so I have an idea of numbers?

The following month on Monday 4th April Prof. Kieran Walshe, who’s currently acting as specialist adviser to the Health Select Committee, will kick off a discussion about the Health and Social Care Bill. Sorry about the change of day (from Tues to Mon) but Kieran is at the Select Committee on the Tuesday!

You can join the Whitehall Watchers email list at: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/whitehallwatch


5 thoughts on “Whitehall Watchers – email and meetings

  1. Long term interest in public sector reform – we are both on KPMG PGI together! Note new role as International director of CIPFA.

  2. A regular correspondent in local paper and published in a National paper. Very concerned about the future of our country. Cannot make places like Manchester but passionate always.

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