Got to comment on the Public Accounts Committee (Parliament) report on failures in the efficiency programme, on the BBC Today programme here

Last item of the day.

2 thoughts on “Efficiency….not

  1. Absolutely agree about Treasury inability to effectively scrutinise departments’ efficiency claims. OGC is a little better as at least it has some practical operational knowledge.
    The CSR07 efficiency programme was pointless anyway as savings were measured against a “counterfactual” – what would have been spent if the efficiencies had not been made. This amounted to an invitation to get out the smoke and mirrors.

  2. Agree with the observations, but it would have been useful, if the BBC had provided time, for a fuller description as to what was meant by: “haven’t looked at systemically & radical ways of re-organising.” What is the recommended best practice for exploring the systemic reality, ie the viability of the complex system which embraces the Treasury’s 3Es both intra and inter gov departments?

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