Prime Minister Johnson edges closer?

When I posted a week ago about the possibility of Alan Johnson as PM in a Lab-Lib coalition, it would have been easy to dismiss it as fantasy. But, a week is a very long time in our current politics. Today’s Guardian headlines Nick Clegg saying:

I could work with Labour, just not Gordon Brown

And the Times reports on the outbreak of warfare within the New Labour hierarchy and especially the pitch made by Alan Johnson on Sunday for a coalition with the Lib-Dems….

And finally, the polls today show a consolidation of the very close three-horse race, which would leave Labour as the largest party in seats and the Lib-Dems with a decisive 100 or so MPs.

But there’s more than another week to go, so who knows what will really happen. But the possibility of PM Alan Johnson doesn’t look, as of today, quite so outlandish now does it?

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