BNP Supports Polish Pilots?

Today’s controversy over the far-right British National Party using images from the British Armed Forces to promote themselves has one rather ironic element.

The BNP has featured the Spitfire on their literature as an symbol of the Battle of Britain – the air clash between the UK and Germany at the start of the war.

A major component of the British side was provided by the very Poles and Czechs who the BNP now campaigns to kick out of Britain. Over 250 Polish and Czech pilots fought during the Battle of Britain, nearly 40 died and the Polish 303 squadron had the highest kill rate during the Battle (most of the Polish pilots were highly experienced). Pilots from Jamaica, Ireland, the USA and southern Africa also fought, as well as many from the commonwealth countries.

The dimwits at the BNP clearly haven’t realised that in trying to co-opt the Battle of Britain image they are actually adopting an image of a diverse, multicultural, multinational, set of public servants – not quite what they were after I fear.

One thought on “BNP Supports Polish Pilots?

  1. The BBC reported last night that the large picture of Spitfire before which Nick Griffin, BNP leader, was recently posturing is in fact a Spitfire from one of the Polish squadrons and flown by a Polish officer…. my point exactly.

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