No legal rights to education entitlements – its official (and the Beeb was wrong)

The answer to the question posed in the previous post: the BBC had got it wrong. The education white paper published today makes it clear there will be not legal enforcement available to parents:

“We intend to legislate along the lines of the Admissions Code to set out the framework for both the Pupil and the Parent Guarantee. The best schools are doing much of this already and these Guarantees are intended to provide a framework within which they can continue doing what they think is best for their pupils. However, if parents feel their children are not receiving the Guarantee, they must be able to act to address this in ways which do not involve recourse to the courts or complex legal processes.” (p42 para 2.39 – my emphasis).

So there you go. Not legal rights to entitlements – as the main document said yesterday.

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