Recent articles in ‘Public Finance’

Here are links to a few of the articles I have published in ‘Public Finance’ weekly magazine over the past year or so.

Public domain: Mandarin-tinted glasses, by Colin Talbot
The Cabinet secretary believes that mandarins’ crisis management abilities will mitigate the effects of the recession on the civil service. But his optimism is contradicted by Whitehall’s own performance indicators

Public domain: Losing is the new winning, by Colin Talbot
Predictions of a ‘short, shallow downturn’ in the UK economy have been proved wide of the mark. Presiding over a deep recession could have long-term repercussions for the winners of the next election

So what would you do in 2009? By Colin Talbot
Everyone has a view on the government’s mistakes. But coming up with solutions is another matter. Colin Talbot takes on the challenge with a 2009 wish list that includes a financial regulatory framework, a crackdown on fraud and a high-speed rail network 

Christmas? What Christmas? By Colin Talbot
I was in Croatia a couple of weeks ago advising their government on how (not) to do public management reform and discovered that they had cancelled Christmas!

Yes we can, but how? By Colin Talbot
Barack Obama is building on his stunning US election victory with a $700bn New Deal package plus plans for health and education. But the economic and fiscal crises could throw a spanner in the works. Colin Talbot outlines the challenges for the president-elect

Overly Keynes, by Colin Talbot

Public spending is back in fashion as the government attempts to minimise the effects of the recession. Will this new approach aid Gordon Brown’s political revival and what will be the impact on next month’s Pre-Budget Report? Colin Talbot investigates

Public domain – Beijing’s cultural revolution, by Colin Talbot
Targets get a bad press. When the subject comes up on the Today programme, John Humphrys can barely suppress a snarl. Hardly a day goes by without some professional body or senior public official —especially doctors, police officers and teachers — complaining about the ‘target culture’. The Opposition parties make hay out of popular and professional mistrust of targets.

Public Domain – Relationship counselling, by Colin Talbot
As Gordon Brown contemplates his first anniversary as prime minister, he might be wondering why his public image changed so fast from Iron Chancellor to Mr Bean. A bit of cod psychology could help

Reading the small print, by Colin Talbot
The near-revolt over the 10p tax band reveals how Parliament is beginning to exercise its powers to scrutinise government’s tax and spending plans – a development vital to democracy, argues Colin Talbot

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