‘Joined-Up’ Children’s Services Failing – It’s Official

In my recent article for Public Servant magazine I speculated that the new ‘joined-up’ Children’s Services departments might have been a contributory factor in the failure to protect Baby P in Haringey.

Now it turns out that Children’s Services across the board are the worst performing service in English local government. The Audit Commissions latest CPA scores (comprehensive performance assessment) highlights the problem: Continue reading “‘Joined-Up’ Children’s Services Failing – It’s Official”

Baby P – a Victim of Joined-Up Government?

Recently a baby under the protection of social services was abused and killed. It was not the first and will not be the last, but the fact that “Baby P” was visited 60 times by social workers charged with his protection whilst the abuse was going on has caused a scandal. Continue reading “Baby P – a Victim of Joined-Up Government?”